Product Info

As all our products are made by hand on the day, the final product will vary every time. Please bear in mind that the images on our website are for display purpose only and are not fully representative of the end product.


The following storage methods are our best suggestions, but our products are always best on day of purchase. All products should be stored in air-tight containers


Do not refrigerate. Cupcakes should be fine within 24 hours of purchase.


Only refrigerate if storing longer than 24 hours, except for cheesecakes which should always be refrigerated. All cakes should be taken out of the fridge two hours before serving for best flavor.


Pies topped with whipped cream or meringue should be consumed on day of purchase. Pies may be refrigerated or warmed (if Apple or Pecan) but we recommend serving straight away for the best flavor.


Do not refrigerate. The Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie should be consumed on day of purchase for best quality.

Dietary Info

Product ingredients can be found at the bottom of each product page. Any goods containing nuts will have this explicitly listed. Please note that although a product may not contain nuts, all items are made in a kitchen that handles nuts.

  • All products are suitable for vegetarians, except for those containing marshmallow (gelatin).
  • We do not use animal fats.
  • All our items contain eggs.
  • Our items are not suitable for vegans unless otherwise stated.
  • All our products contain gluten, with the exception of our Made Without range.
  • We do not use animal-derived food colours.
  • None of our items contain alcohol, unless specifically listed as an ingredient.

Although care is taken at every stage of our baking processes, sometimes a piece of eggshell, a fruit stone, fruit skin or other ingredient from the recipe can find its way into our cakes.