As plans for Jubilee celebrations get under way, both the weather and ovens up and down the country are heating up in preparation for the big bake.

If you’re looking to take the cupcake crown with some goodies of your own at your street party, follow our foolproof tips for a tea time treat worthy of her Majesty!

With home bakers dusting off their aprons and getting their mixing bowls at the ready to bake a cake stand of delicious delights to share with their neighbourhoods this Bank holiday weekend, a back to basics guide is what’s needed.

To help out, Cakeabration bakers have rounded up their top ten baking tips for getting your cupcakes just right:


  1. Start with quality ingredients. Choosing the best produce you can afford will ensure your cupcakes taste the best they possibly can.
  2. We think full fat gives full flavour. Whole milk, real butter and full fat cream cheese all add a luxuriousness to your cakes that low-fat alternatives can’t hope to match.
  3. Follow the recipe. It’s an obvious point but many a mini-baking disaster can be averted by strict adherence to the recipe, so don’t be tempted to deviate if you want your cakes to turn out as per the recipe.
  4. Baking is an exact science. Weigh out ingredients carefully and be aware that making any substitutions or alterations may yield slightly different results to those intended.
  5. Sift your way to a perfect sponge. Sifting dry ingredients not only prevents lumps getting into the mixture but also incorporates air, making your cupcake sponge light as a feather.
  6. Cream together butter and sugar for at least five minutes. You can’t overbeat the butter and sugar mixture, so use this opportunity to beat as much air as you can into your cupcakes. Using a freestanding electric mixer will make this job easier.
  7. Test your oven temperature. An oven thermometer is a baker’s best friend, helping you to check your cupcakes are baking at the correct temperature for the recommended time.
  8. Fill your cases two-thirds full. Leaving a little rising room will help prevent your cupcake mixture from overflowing during baking.
  9. Be patient. Don’t remove your cupcakes from the oven before they’re ready – you can test to see whether they are done with a metal skewer. When the skewer can be removed cleanly from the centre, they’re ready.
  10. It’s all about taste. Don’t worry if your cakes aren’t picture perfect – if they taste good you’ve made them right!


For more advice, we have a bundle of baking tips, ingredients guides and hints on our FAQs pages here.

Best of luck with your bakes and have a very happy Diamond Jubilee from everyone at Cakeabration.