Fright night is drawing in and guys and ghouls will be gathering for tricks and treats!

Spook your Halloween guests this season with these gruesome cupcake decorating ideas. Witch will you choose?


Black Cats

Sprinkle chocolate cupcakes with chocolate vermicelli sprinkles.

Add yellow jelly sweets for eyes and a pink jelly sweet for a nose.

Pipe on details for the eyes and whiskers with chocolate icing.

Liquorice laces can also be snipped with scissors to make cat’s whiskers.


Crescent Moons

Roll out white or yellow sugar fondant icing and use a moon-shaped cutter to make your crescent moon shapes.

Let shapes dry on baking parchment for 24 hours.

Ice cupcakes with dark blue frosting and smooth over with a palette knife.

Place the crescent moon shape in the centre of a ready-frosted cupcake.

Add a wisp of white cotton candy across the top of the cupcakes to make clouds.



Using a wide nozzle, pipe a generous whip of buttercream frosting or marshmallow Whoopie Pie filling onto your cupcakes.

Using a fine black piping nozzle, pipe on two eyes at the top to make your ghosts.



Break a flat, finger-shaped biscuit in half to make your gravestone. Bourbon creams, caramelised biscuits and rich tea fingers may all work depending on preference.

Pipe ‘RIP’ in black icing across the biscuit and leave to dry.

Frost chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and smooth over with a palette knife.

Using a food processor, make crumbs from chocolate sponge.

Place biscuit gravestone so it is sticking out of the cupcake and lay some fresh earth in front of the biscuit gravestone with the chocolate sponge crumbs.



Fill a piping bag with vanilla buttercream frosting.

Using a basket weave or ribbon nozzle, pipe strips of vanilla frosting across your cupcakes to make bandages.

Place two candies for the eyes.

Layer with more buttercream bandages if wished.



Frost cupcakes with orange frosting.

Using a clean toothpick, drag lines across your cupcakes from the centre outwards.

Break a chocolate-covered pretzel into pieces to make the pumpkin stalks and place one piece in the middle of each pumpkin cupcake.



Scatter chocolate vermicelli over frosted chocolate cupcakes.

Cut eight strips of liquorice for the spider’s legs and place four legs on either side of the cupcake.

Finish with two red jellies or candies for eyes.


Spider’s Web

Pour glossy fondant sugar icing onto the top of your cupcakes.

Using icing in a contrasting colour, pipe a dot in the centre of each cupcake and three circles in increasingly large sizes around this.

While the icing is still wet, drag a clean toothpick from the centre of the icing to the edge to create a spider’s web design.



Dip mini waffle ice cream cones in melted chocolate and allow to dry.

Frost a batch of cupcakes with chocolate frosting and smooth over with a palette knife.

Top each cupcake with a cone, pointy end up, to make a witch’s hat.

Decorate with a strip of purple or orange fondant icing to make a ribbon.